Touch Media Ltd I Digital Design House

Design IT

Touch Media is a digital design house specialising in digital content creation, Platform management and the deployment of IoT Services.

  • We build online IT Platforms for real world applications.

  • We design and create interactive experiences with IoT.

  • We specialise in management support and remote online team collaboration tools.

  • We have a dedicated team of ICT specialists and digital designers.

  • We create unique experiences with digital story telling utilizing the latest in IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

  • We provide in depth analytics and reporting on all our services

  • We integrate Bluetooth, NFC and QR technology into our interactive systems

We design and implement Cloud IT strategies

  • Interactive Signage Design: NFC, Bluetooth and QR technology

  • Content Creation and Cloud IT support

  • GIS Land and Asset Mapping

  • HR Management & Collaboration tools